Prim Heart

Isn't Love grand! This primitive heart would be so sweet on your wall or hanging on your door.

The heart is painted and sanded muslin. It is 12" long and 10" wide. I have pined on a key with a

rusty pin. I have also added a bow to the pin.

I have attached a coffee stained gauze hanger. I just love the picture of the kids kissing.

This prim heart can be yours for $ 12.00 plus traveling fare.
Thanks for stopping by.



Snowman Pin

Hi and Thanks for stopping by!
This is one of my snowman polymer clay snowman pins. He has been aged and glittered with german glass glitter. I also added some mica flakes.

He is about 3 inches tall by 2 inches wide. This snowman pin looks great on a winter coat or on a sweatshirt. He can be yours for $4.50 plus traveling fare.


Kooky Pumpkin Witch

Hi and thanks for stopping by. This is Miss Kooky the pumpkin witch. She is made from a grunged quilted fabric.

She has a painted and sanded muslin witch hat. I have added a sunflower for a little extra! I have pined on the nose with 3 rusty pins and stitched on a wire mouth. I also added three rusty bells to the mouth. This kooky little pumpkin is about 21 inches tall and 15 inches wide. She is made to hang but would be just as cute on top a cupboard.

Miss Kooky can be yours for $11.99 plus traveling fare.


Prim Witch Make Do

This is Hanna the Witch. Hanna is attached to a old candle stick and measures about 15 inches to the top of her hat. Hanna is made from aged and painted Osnaburg. I have needle sculpted her nose and stitched her mouth. Hanna has needle felted wool hair and a wool witch hat. I have added a whimsical tag to the candle stick. Hanna would be a great addition to your Halloween collection. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Hanna can be yours for 16.99 plus traveling fare


Sadie Witch

Hi and Thanks for stopping by to check out my Sadie. She is a clay and cloth witch attached to an old bobbin.

Sadie is about 17 inched tall to the tip of her hat. I have added several layers of paint and stain to make her so PRETTY!

Sadie even has a wart on the end of her large nose.

Sadie can be your for 18.00 plus traveling fare.


Hi and Welcome to my Halloween creation! This is my sweet Willia. Willia is ready for the Hallowen Ball.
She has her mask ready, so no one will know who she is!!

Willa is made from aged osanburg and is attached to a crackled spindel. She
stand 27" to the tip of her wool witch hat.

She has needle felted checks and stitched nose. Willia has such a sweet face.
Her cape is removable and made from a crape material. Willia's arms are wired so she can easily hold her mask.
Thanks for stopping by hoped you enjoyed your visit.
Willia can be yours for 32.00 plus traveling fare.


Boo the Witch

Hi and Thanks for stopping by! Let me introduce you to Boo the Witch. Boo is one of my larger dolls and quite the Witch.

She measures about 34 inches tall to the tip of her wool witch hat. Boo is make from aged Osanburg.

Boo is holding her litte cat Spooky. I have attache her name on her hat with rusty pins.

Boo has lime green wool hair(I think it is from drinking too many frog cocktails)

She can sit or hang and would make a wonderful addition to your Halloween collection.
Boo can be yours for 36.00 plus traveling fare.
Please feel free to email me with any questions you might have.